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If you need support, you may link with other Kubernetes consumers along with the Kubernetes authors, attend Neighborhood occasions, and enjoy video clip shows from around the Net.

upkeep, maintenance, treatment - exercise linked to preserving a little something in excellent Doing work order; "he wrote the handbook on car treatment"

chapel company, chapel - a company carried out in an area of worship that has its individual altar; "he was late for chapel"

Group service, general public provider - a support that may be carried out for the good thing about the public or its establishments

Browse the most recent information for Kubernetes as well as the containers space normally, and acquire technological how-tos very hot from the presses.

Lovelock utilized the amount of delivery web sites (no matter whether one or numerous) and the strategy of supply to classify services in a two x 3 matrix. Then implications are the advantage of receiving the services is the bottom when the customer has to return to the support and will have to use just one or particular outlet.

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There is a prolonged record of DNS libraries not respecting DNS TTLs and caching the outcome of name lookups.

See how Zyrobotics utilizes Google Adverts to receive their cell applications in front of people so kids of all ages and all talents can study although acquiring pleasurable.

provide, purpose - serve a purpose, function, or perform; "The tree stump serves being a desk"; "The female pupils served to be a Command team"; "This desk would serve extremely nicely"; "His freedom served him effectively"; "The table capabilities like a desk"

to examine (a vehicle, device etcetera) carefully making sure that it works adequately. kontroleer يَفْحَص السَّيّارَه правя технически преглед fazer revisão provádět údržbu überholen efterse κάνω έλεγχο συντήρησης, κάνω σέρβις hacer la revisión hooldama تعمير كردن huoltaa faire la révision לְטַפֵּל בְּ- कार इत्यादि का निरीक्षण करना ताकि वह ठीक से काम करे servisirati, popravljati szervizel servis fara yfir, sjá um viðhald fare la revisione 点検する 애프터 서비스를 하다 apžiūrėti apskatīt; apkopt; veikt apskati servis een onderhoudsbeurt geven ha support, vedlikeholde dokonywać przeglądu چک کول fazer revisão a face revi­zia производить осмотр и ремонт robiť údržbu pregledati servisirati göra provider på ตรวจรถยนต์ เครื่องจักร อย่างถี่ถ้วนเพื่อให้ทำงานได้ bakım(ını) yaptırmak 檢修 проводити огляд і поточний ремонт کسی مشین یا موٹر کار وغیرہ کی حسب معمول جانچ اور دیکھ بھال bảo dưỡng 检修

→ Welke apotheek heeft een nooddienstregeling? → Hvilket apotek er Do you agree vaktapotek? → W której aptece można otrzymać pomoc w razie nagłego wypadku? → Qual farmácia fornece serviço de emergência → В какой аптеке предоставляют экстренную медицинскую помощь? → Vilket apotek har nattöppet? → ร้านขายยาร้านไหนมีบริการขายฉุกเฉิน? → Hangi eczane nöguessçi? → Helloệu thuốc nào có dịch vụ cấp Get more information cứu? → 哪家药房提供急病服务?

see at someone's assistance; crack anyone's provide (company); lip services; of service to somebody; push into support.

naval forces, navy - an organization of armed forces vessels belonging to a country and available for sea warfare

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